Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Scamp Project...

So... after a full day of animating I have my first full test shot.

Now, by spending a day with the rig, I was able to see some weaknesses.

It's not by any means, ever, a good idea to build a rig that can't be updated without having to rebuild it. So I didn't and am thankful for it. Overall the rig worked but it lacked precision. I added more controls and that helped things.

Key framing the rig was difficult because of its refusal to accept character sets.

The blendshapes needed some work so it was back to zbrush for sculpting.

Now to the flip camera.

The best way to stabilize the camera is to keep your hands as far away as possible. So by playing with some pipe in our barn, I found that by using a clamp to attach it to the pipe I could create a make-shift steady cam.

When I composited all the videos together I was pleasantly surprised how color-correctable it was. Now I couldn't go crazy but I could play with the contrast enough that I could get a natural color balance.
^^^Not the best example but the post need more images.

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